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Skills Exchange between Ania’s Ceramics and Arte&co.

Between 29th September and 6th October 2016 two talented ceramists met to exchange their ideas and experiences as the owners and leaders of ceramic workshops. Anna Necel (Ania’s Ceramics from Ireland) and Estrella los Arcos (Arte&co. from Spain) are both trained in Arts and run successful studios.

Ania’s Ceramics is based in Kildare Town. It offers individual and group courses to students of all ages and on different levels. Anna cooperates with public and private institutions in counties Kildare, Dublin and Laois, working with schools, libraries and community centres. Estrella has had her workshop open for over fifteen years. It’s a place in Pamplona where everybody is welcomed and warmly received. She offers classes to different age groups and levels, collaborates with private and public sectors and organizes customized courses.

The collaboration between those two studios was organized by Collage Open Art. Magda Młotek from the organization played an active part in the exchange in her role of interpreter. During the meeting the artists had a chance to share their experiences as pottery teachers. They discussed the favourite and most popular techniques used by their students, and also the difficulties they both encounter in their profession.

In order to have some long lasting reminders of their meeting, the two ladies decided to use a technique from the other workshop with their students. In Ania’s Ceramics a choice of two was proposed, a ceramic sculpture in the shape of a shell for more experienced students and another one, which can represent any object, using pre-fired elements for students of any level. Amateur potters from Arte&co. will make bowls or pots with natural plants imprinted in the clay.

Examples of the techniques and the results of the collaboration can be seen in the photos from both studios.

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